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Top five fast facts about cinemas

The move to re-open movie houses in the middle of the pandemic has caused a lot of uproar- specially because of its potential health hazards (read: the easy spread of COVID-19). And while we wait for cinemas to make a comeback, we just have to make do with other forms of entertainment–like reading this top five fast facts about cinemas:

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1. Do you know that cinemas chalk up more profit with the popcorn and sodas they sell than the actual ticket sales?

That’s because cinema owners have to pay a lot to film studios so they can get the films shown in their theatres. In the U.S., they have to pay a lot to film studios in the first two months of distribution. After these two months, that is the only time all profits go to the cinema.

2. In every cinema, there are cameras pointed at seats.

Apart from monitoring your safety, security cameras are also a tool vs couples who go too far while sitting beside each other on their loveseats (yes, they particularly focus on the back row).

3. Piracy continues to be rampant

Specially on the day of the premiere, movie staff are extra watchful of audiences who have found a way to record movies using their mobile phones or a small video recorder- hidden inside their jacket or bag. Surprisingly, the words of warning shown at the start of a movie versus piracy does not seem to deter some individuals at all.

4. The golden age of 3D is not as popular as it used to be

Aside from the expensive tickets, and the hazy and scratched glasses, they actually cost physical discomfort because of the conflict between your eyes and ears when you wear the glasses. When one puts on 3D glasses, your eyes are telling you that your brain is moving- while your middle ear that is responsible for stability tells you that you’re not.

5. People often fight at the movies

This can be a result of someone sitting behind you who stomps on your chair; a couple who decided to bring their 2-year old child with them; someone who talks on their mobile phone as if he owns the theatre; and people who talk constantly to each other during the movie.

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