Top five overused content of YouTubers

If I am not on Netflix or my downloads, I am usually on YouTube. These videos are fun to watch because, apart from the many people and channel and content to browse through, the videos are usually short. You can also forward or rewind. depending on your level of interest. But over the years, there are some local content that continues to be recycled…. Yet, they continue to work! So here’s my rundown of the top five overused content of YouTubers (but continue to be a hit!)

1. Jojowain o Totropahin


Overused content, if you ask me but it still is worth watching, to check and see how they regard other people and why. Here you get some snippets into the characteristics of the celebs they are asked about, as well as what the game player regards as attractive.

2. What’s in My Bag

What's In My Bag? - YouTube

This is particularly interesting if this is done via a raid. Meaning, if you catch the personality by surprise. It doesn’t make sense for someone to reveal her bag’s contents if she has already cleaned them out or  gotten them in order. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the essentials they carry around or if their wallets bear photos of their ex?

3. Closet Tour/House Tour

House Tour (Part 1) | Bea Alonzo - YouTube

What makes this enticing is the fact that we get to see what’s inside a celebrity’s palatial abode. we finally get to seethe things normal people can’t afford and can only dream of, like a walk in closet and those designer bags and shoes inside a walk in closet.) We also get to see their taste in interiors and furnishings and also get to realize where their priorities lie. (is it a kitchen, because they’re good cooks? Is it their trophy room, because they want to be constantly reminded of their achievements?). You’ll also get to realize who they live with and if they’re close to their families (judging from the many rooms or cars they have inside the house).

4. Shopping haul


This is another content which is often watched as it shows us what the rich and famous buy. Of course there will be those moments you’d feel triumphant as soon as he/she buys something which is part of your household haul like pancit canton or cheese rings). Here you also see how going to the grocery and department store feels when you don’t have a strict budget to adhere to.

5. Games like Who’s Most Likely To and Never Have I Ever

NEVER HAVE I EVER with HOWHOW | Jessy Mendiola - YouTube

These games have stood the test of time. But it actually only works when the YouTuber is new at it. This makes for fun content because the answers seem to be always authentic and honest, as seen in both their responses and facial expressions.

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