Top five celebrity YouTubers (Local Edition)

Because everyone seems to be either doing Tiktok or getting their opinions out there via social media, I decided to set my sights on YouTubers. Yes, this is another alternative I found to my weekly TV series (Chicago PD, the Blacklist, FBI etc) as a way to while my time away. But I am not talking about foreign celebs. I am talking about local celebrities who seem to be making hay with their videos which are either informative, entertaining, hilarious or inspiring. So here goes my personal top five celebrity Youtubers (Local Edition)–and what their content is all about.

1. Julia Barreto

Julia Barretto - YouTube

Day to day life as a single young female–from how she folds her clothes to how she cooks her own breakfast to how she does virtual press conferences.

2. Candy Pangilinan

Candy Pangilinan - YouTube

Her vlog documents her life with her teenage son Quentin who is mentally-challenged. This vlog is so authentic and shows their relationship as mother and child and how they are able to get through the day with smiles on their faces (yes, despite the absence of a father.)

3. Heart Evangelista

Love Marie Escudero - YouTube

Her channel is aspirational–showing us how a very rich life can be, but without being boastful about it. She also shows how she can purchase secondhand shoes from other celebs or wear a clip bought in Quiapo for one of her appearances in fashion week in Europe and make no qualms about it. She also shows how her life can be so independent from that of her politician husband.

4. Donekla

Donekla in Tandem - YouTube

These two, known individually as Donita Nose and Super Tekla, who both gained fame in Wowowee, found more popularity and fortune when they co-partnered to launch their YouTube channel. Though I think they stumbled into it and their millions of subscribers due to Tekla’s controversial love life (his ex-GF went to Raffy Tulfo to lodge a complaint vs. him–which would later turn out to be false), the fact is  these two seem to have discovered true friendship which many Filipinos have come to love.

5. Ethel Booba

Ethel Booba - YouTube

If your kind of fun involves hearing people speak english wrongly, whether it’s in the sentence structure, the subject-verb agreement, how to use singular or plural nouns correctly, etc. then Ethel Booba is the person to watch (aside from Ruffa Mae Quinto). She is happiness personified, as she doesn’t take offense when people egg her to talk a language that has failed her, time and time again.

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