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Top five kinds of love that has affected my life

It’s Valentine’s Day today–and people are looking for ways to make the people they love feel special. As for me, I decided to reflect upon my life and revisit all the times I fell in love–beginning when I was in kindergarten. And after much thought, I realized that my journey is not for the faint-hearted. While there have been joyful moments, there were relationships that were so difficult it left me scarred yet, I guess, braver. So today, Valentine’s Day, I present to you the five kinds of love based on my experience (and my kindest hope for you is that you never experience #2). Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Stone Artwork Stock Photo kinds of love

1. The steady kind

The one which doesn’t make your heart flutter–but the one that is safe and peaceful. The one that you know is reliable.

2. The unrequited kind

The one you have to sacrifice a lot for. The one you will keep on pouring your heart for–but will never ever give you the love you hope to receive.

3. The obsessive kind

The one which makes you feel like you’re the most amazing person in the world ye the one that’s so demanding it chokes you–and leaves you


4. The romantic kind

The one you see in the movies the one where flowers arrive in your office or when you take long walks in the beach discussing your future.

5. The inspiring kind

This is the kind of love that makes you glad to be alive every single day. The one which gives you purpose. It’s the one that makes you get up on your feet- and makes you keep on going, through good days and bad.

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