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Top five characteristics of a great content creator

My jaws dropped upon knowing how much successful YouTubers or Vloggers make nowadays. How they are able to charge exorbitant fees for branded content to how lavish their lifestyles have been- from a house with a pool to sports cars to boot. And some of them, actually, are more popular than celebrities (who by the way, have also taken to YouTube to tide them over during the pandemic when projects have slowed down and when ABS-CBN shut down). It then dawned on me to ponder about what makes the characteristics of a great content creator.

With many following in the footsteps of these now renowned YouTubers and Vloggers, I came up with a list of traits that individuals must possess before they can be the next Cong TV, Ivana Alawi or Alex Gonzaga.

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1. Imaginative

The creator has to have vivid imagination. Only with such a gift can the creator be able to produce materials which are new- and never been done before.  The creator has to explore the deepest or most untapped part of his/her brain or have the best people around him/her to brainstorm with to make mind-blowing content.

2. Unique

The only way for a creator to succeed is if the individual is unique. That means the creator must be different- and better yet- stand out from the rest, and create something that only he or she can own.

3. Witty

So how to be witty? Well, wit is something you’re born with. You have to be quick to think and quick on your toes and say or do things which are confidently smart.

4. Authentic

The creator must be able to show actual experience/s so audiences can easily relate to him/her. He/She must be able to walk the talk. The consequent effect of showing, for example, how one used to live in the slums to buying a house and lot of his own always makes for great content specially for watchers who have such a dream.

5. Entertaining

A creator has to be able to have some impact on the audience- and elicit some reaction- whether it’s to make them laugh, sad, angry, throughly informed or curious. Without the audience in mind, the creator should just keep a personal library of his videos- or better yet, simply jot his thoughts down on a diary.

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