Top five small appliances or gadgets that are great to have during the pandemic

There are many things we realize we can’t seem to live without during the pandemic. Like a Mobile Phone, a game console, a TV set… Things that keep us entertained or otherwise busy so we don’t have to be anxious all the time on when COVID-19 will see its death. During these trying times, certain objects have also become part of our daily life- mostly because of the new lifestyle that comes with the new normal. Here’s my top five list of small appliances or gadgets that are great to have during the pandemic!

1. Air fryer

Airfryer | Philips

With all of us grappling with the New Normal, some of us are also grappling with the fact that we need to watch our weight more. This is where an air fryer come in handy. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that we lose weight. It only helps trim the fat out of all the food we fry and get into our system.

2. Hair trimmer

NOW PRICE DROP- Professional Hair Clippers for Men Electric Haircut Kit Hair  Trimmer for Men with Low Noise Adjustable Cordless & Rechargeable Electric  Shaver Haircut Clipper, Professional Hair Clipper USB Rechargeable Cutting

Whether it’s for your hair, beard or pet fur, having a hair trimmer around is useful–as long as you know how to work it. At first, having one around was deemed a need because salons and barber shops had to close shop due to the pandemic. But now, having one around is also necessary because the cost of having a haircut has become more exorbitant more than ever. Take for instance my hairdresser who usually charges 200 per cut. Now, he charges 400 pesos.

3. Wi-Fi Extender

N300 WiFi Range Extender - WN3000RP

This actually works well for those who lounge or stay in a room where wi-fi hardly reaches them. This is a life-saver for people whose life depends on the internet- whether it’s for personal or social reasons or professional.

4. Air humidifier

220ML Mini Portable Air Humidifier Home Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier  USB Fogger Mist With LED | Shopee Philippines

This purchase is not anymore a luxury but a necessity for those who want a calming vibe inside their house (especially those stressed with the COVID-19 situation and those who fear the new strain). And with many affordable dehumidifiers around, having one around is now easy peasy.

5. Ring Light

J2 ❣ 12cm LED Selfie Ring light Photography Vlogging Light Dimmable LED  Lighting Fill light | Shopee Philippines

Having a ring light is necessary for those who take selfies often or those who are into TikTok or Vlogging. It’s also a must for online sellers who depend on quality photos to be able to successfully sell they products online.

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