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Top five signs he does not like you (the way you hope he would)

There’s always going to be that guy who would come in your life who you would pine for, not just because of his looks but because of some attributes that draw you to him. But, sadly, not all of you will win his heart. Just because you feel something deep and special does not mean it will be reciprocated. So without further adieu, here’s me giving it straight to all women out there—the five signs he does not like you (and why you should stop hoping).

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1. No matter what you do, he does not take notice of what you do

No matter if you dress up nice or bring him his favorite beverage, what you think is a special gesture will look so ordinary to him.

2. He does not converse with you on things that matter

Having a meaningful conversation beyond “hi” and “hello” is an art that’s so hard to come by these days. When he takes the time to talk to you, it means he’s giving you time he can never get back. Imagine how precious that would be if that particular conversation had more depth and wasn’t as dense as talking about the weather or the new viral sensation.

3. He does not listen

If you need to repeat yourself more than twice, that means he did not listen to anything you said. A good listener is a rare treasure to have nowadays- with all the noise of technology overshadowing everything you say.

4. He does not lift a hand to help you out

You can carry a chair or a table down the stairs and die doing so–but he will never lift a finger to make things easier for you. I know that being strong and independent is a battlecry of many women–but let’s face it, it does not hurt to have a gentleman around.

5. He does not take the initiative to make you feel important

He never checks up on you (you would have to always be the first one to do so).  He would never dare appreciate you with words or gestures. He would rather keep his compliments buried within him than make you feel special. That means his ego is bigger than anything- including you.

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