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Top five “R’s” employees look forward to this December

One of the nice things attached to belonging to an organization is that you get to take part in celebrations–like Christmas parties! And this hasn’t changed even with the “new normal”. Here’s me counting down the five “R’s” that employees look forward to this December.

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1. Revelry

This is the month for gift-giving and celebrations. That’s why we are known around the world for our looonggggg Christmas Holidays. And despite the pandemic and the directive to hold off on partying and reuniting with loved ones, I’m pretty sure that companies (just like families) will find a way to make the celebration happen, for their employees. Whether it happens online through Skype or FaceTime or through a scaled down party with masks, shields and packed lunches.

2. Recognitions and Raffle

For employees, this is the time of the year to find out If all their hard work has caught the eye and attention of their employers. This is the time when they find out if they win “Most Punctual” or “Most Improved”. Usually recognitions are in the form of printed certificates mounted on frames but sometimes, it comes with a small bonus as well. Then of course, there’s the raffle! Whether it’s an electric fan or a TV set or gift certificates, nothing gives employees more excitement than realizing his/her lucky stars are shining upon her.

3. Rewards

Because the 13th month pay is provided by law, what employees look forward to this December is if they get something extra. Of course, that’s wishful thinking in the time of COVID. But people who work for industries which made a killing this pandemic—like logistics or network providers or alcohol manufacturers are expecting to get a bonus for all their hard work.

4. Rest

Why rest, when this pandemic has virtually controlled our time and movement- and has forced many to just work from home? Well, the thing is working from home, just like working on site, is still working. It still entails you use your brain or set of skills- which were the reasons why you got hired in the first place. Rest this Holiday Season, simply means a “break” from the job and your Boss- and simply let it loose and do the things you want- like not working.

5. Resignations

As employees spend the last peso of their 13th month pay, this is also the month of resignations for employees who aren’t happy anymore with their current jobs. This is the month they say goodbye- and start scouting for new opportunities that often pour in January.

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