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Top five stressors in life

When the COVID-19 reality began to hit us, it was only then that we realized how good- or bad we are in coping with stress. With so much anxiousness caused by the sickness’ uncertainty–ranging from work security to safety, many have come to grasp that stress is something we have to deal with if we are to live longer in this lifetime. Which brings me to the Top Five Stressors a human faces- and while there are some that cannot be avoided- one thing is for sure: we need to be able to deal or cope with them over the course of time.

1. Major sickness or injury

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Apart from the constant worry for an ill person’s quality of life, recovery, and well-being, the financial costs caused by medical bills and medications that come with it are not easy to deal with.

2. Death of a loved one

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And then, there is death. Grieving for a lost loved one -and how to go through life without that person to talk to or touch for as long as you live is surely devastating. Sometimes, there is also that pressure for you not to break down and stay strong (easier said than done!)

3. Separation or break-up

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Whether you’re married or just girlfriend-boyfriend or maybe just besties, when you have a misunderstanding with someone you love deeply that leads to separation, the stress of him being with someone else and you out of the picture, will surely make you lonely and anxious if you’ll ever be happy again. Just like death, the only sure way that can heal your heartbreak is time. And from my experience, the time required to get over someone can vary from one week–to what could be and feel like an eternity.

4. Unemployment

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Specially when you get fired or get retrenched. All the feelings of being worthless or unneeded- plus thinking if you can ever find another job and start from scratch is unnerving. Another stressor: Retirement. When you near that mandatory age retirement, the one thing that will occupy your mind is: what do you do now?

5. Being caught for a crime

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Committing a crime and being imprisoned can be very stressful. It makes you lose your freedom, your reputation and even the respect of people you love. So to avoid all these, try to live an honest and good life. Try not to stray and don’t break the law!

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