Top five ways to fight depression

Many of us may not be aware…. But these last couple of days, we have received various news on our feeds about people who have killed themselves- after struggling, for a while, with depression. While not all of us can relate, it doesn’t mean we should be insensitive to the plight of the sufferers- because we wouldn’t know if we, too, will get our own bout with it one point or another. That said, here are the top five ways to fight depression (as recommended by experts such as psychiatrists, psychologists, life coaches etc.)

The Dark and Lonely World of Depression

1. Therapy

Therapy can be a very effective treatment for depression. Meeting with a therapist regularly- like once a week, can help you deal with stressful situations, address your negative beliefs, cope with difficulties, and increase your self-esteem—all of which help in treating depression.

2. Spending down time with friends and family

Often associated with a person’s depression is the feeling that seeing friends or family is just too much trouble, thinking that he/she wouldn’t know what to say or for fear that people won’t give them him/her the time of day. But what one must realize is that being with others, all with problems of their own or even offering some simple but affectionate chat may just provide the mood boost we need. the company of friend and family unconsciously reminds us that we’re loved. Research shows that people with strong friendships are healthier, live longer and can manage their emotions better than those who feel isolated.

3. Get into a routine and set goals

Setting a daily schedule can help a depressed individual get active. Your routine could include: getting up at the same time ever day, playing tennis with a friend, doing the laundry every Thursday and doing video call with your best friend. It’s also crucial that you set goals because a major symptom of depression is the sense you can’t accomplish anything. By completing small daily goals, you’ll feel better about your abilities and, consequently, feel better about yourself.

4. Live healthy, eat healthy

Eating overly processed foods like fast foods and sugary sweets may be adding to your depression. Clinical studies have found that a diet high in refined foods impairs brain function and encourages depression. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol:. Unfortunately alcohol, tranquilizers, and opiates act as depressant to your nervous system and make your symptoms worse. Amphetamines can give the illusion they reduce depression, however once the effect passes, the physical toll on your body, and the withdrawal, result in an even worse depression. Adding drugs to your already depressed system never helps. One also need to exercise because this will boost the naturally produced endorphins that your body uses to help you feel better and less depressed. Also get get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

5. Don’t give in to negative thoughts

Change how you think. When you’re depressed, you embrace worst-case scenarios and obsessively dwell on the negative. Try challenging these beliefs and ideas. When sad thoughts begin to enter your mind, dismiss them immediately. When you’re telling yourself what a horrible person you are, think about how you would tell a friend to stop if they talked about themselves that way. As long as you don’t dwell on negative thoughts, they’ll eventually become less persuasive.

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