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Five things to do during a pandemic Holiday gathering

A lot of us are looking forward to the Christmas Season–knowing that it’s a time to be with the people we love- and share gifts and bond over special meals. But with the end of COVID-19 pandemic far from over, we just have to live with the fact that our Holiday celebrations will have to be altered to make way for something safer and smaller. This piece of sacrifice is crucial if we want to contain the spread of the virus. You know what they say about being safe than sorry. That said, here’s my top five tips to do during a pandemic Holiday Gathering:

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1. Get tested before seeing people

Allowing enough time to get test results back before gathering.. After the test, self-quarantine. Getting tested before a celebration decreases the chance that anyone is bringing the virus into the group, and getting tested afterward is also vital in the unfortunate circumstance that someone has indeed brought the virus into the group.

2. If you really need to celebrate as a family, make sure you set up your celebration outside and NOT inside the house

When together, avoid being indoors with people outside your household as much as possible. If you’d have to do it inside, do it in a room where you can keep the windows open for enough ventilation,

3. Wear masks whenever you’re not eating

And when talking to others, wear that all important face shield and mask–and practice social distancing.

4. When eating, it would be best to stay in a table with your own family or people you live with

Don’t remove your mask until you’re about to eat. Wear them back on as soon as you have finished. Keep your utensils to yourself. Nominate one person to plate and serve the food so as to minimize the number of people who will come in contact with the food.

5. If you decide to visit your “inaanak” or other relatives, keep it short

Suggest to just drop off the gifts and treats and say a quick Merry Christmas!

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