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Five negative things about online shopping

As we approach the Christmas season, feeds on the 12-12 sale are beginning to drown our social media pages and emails. Of course, I am one of those who are “adding to my cart” because of the great deals that can be had. But that does not mean I don’t have any complaints about these huge online shopping sites. So while I patronize them, I would still like the world to know about the five negative points vs. buying from online sites

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1. Exorbitant shipping fees

There should be a rule that the shipping fee shouldn’t cost more than the product you order. Big Shipping fees negate the discounts offered by a store or brand. Or better yet, there should be an option for self-pick up that’s guaranteed by the shopping site- for people who would rather spend 100 pesos for gas rather than 200 pesos for shipping.

2. Cancellations and refunds which you didn’t ask for

What if you get an item with a huge discount only to find out, after a few days of waiting in anticipation for the product, that the order has been cancelled and that they will just give you a refund? Thing is, what If you don’t want a refund? What if you want that sale to push through knowing you got a big deal for it? But no! You simply have to accept the decision of the shopping site to refund your money. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

3. Order limit of one item per person

I understand the saying “give chances to others”… and the mentality to hoard. But at least, allow a person to buy as much as two items of a product or deal. Specially when it comes to an e-voucher for a restaurant. For items, it would not be value for money if you just buy one item specially when it comes with a shipping fee.

4. Items that don’t fit the description

A carpet that looks bigger in the photo but looks like a bath rug in actuality. Or pants that can fit a size 30- but actually looks more like it was made for a six year old. This is the sad part about some online sellers who would say anything just to secure a sale. Tip for sellers: if you want to stay long in the business, be upfront and honest with what you vend online. Just always put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Do you want your reputation tarnished over one pair of pants?

5. Items that take too long to arrive

It’s okay if the item is a gift you plan on buying for future use, say a Christmas gift or a Valentine’s gift. But what if it’s an essential you really need like alcohol or cooking oil? Simply put, there are items that you really need to get your hands on real time. And this is when supermarkets or drug stores are still the better option.

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