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Five things to remember to ensure your online safety

Most people are scared to go out to buy essentials and do some errands because of the pandemic. Lots of businesses responded to the demand and stepped up, making their products and services available online. With the convenience of online transactions, there is also an increase of cyber security threats. Aside from keeping your antivirus up to date, here are top five things to remember to ensure your online safety.

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1. Beware of free wi-fi

Using a public Wi-Fi access could give hackers the ability to intercept data between you and the connection point. Hackers can eavesdrop on your connections to see what you are doing online. If you must connect to public Wi-Fi networks, refrain from accessing websites that hold your sensitive information like banking and social media.

2. Use complex passwords

Make sure to use a different password for every account. You do not want anyone to get instant access to all of your accounts. Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in your password.

3. Avoid scam links

Be careful on what your mouse clicks on. Scammers use catchy messages in emails or social media posts containing malicious web links. These links can potentially steal your information and may be a carrier of viruses.

4. Browse safely

Before checking things online, make sure the website uses secure technology. Only visit sites using https. Also check the tiny padlock symbol on the page – this means the website would not endanger your personal information.

5. Remember to log out when done

Always remember to log out of any online accounts you’ve used on your mobile phone or laptop. Remember to click the log out button and not just closing the browser or app. This will protect you from outside sources that may accidentally access your account.

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