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Five items you should let go (for a cleaner, healthier household)

While most of us folks here in Metro Manila remain in lockdown, it’s best to declutter–and check out objects around the house which you may need to sell- or outrightly dispose of. I know that when it comes to clothes and shoes, it’s hard to choose which ones should stay or leave. But for the following items, it should be a no brainer to throw these out- specially because these don’t have an unlimited shelf life. Here’s a list of five items you should let go to (lest you want to risk yourself to bacteria, virus or illness).

1. Toothbrush

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One of the items you should let go is your toothbrush. Your toothbrush is a magnet for bacteria, Bacteria on toothbrushes can come from when you flush with the lid open, while washing hands, and even from your own mouth, which can contain 100 to 200 species of oral bacteria. Replace your toothbrush every three to four months “or sooner if the bristles start to wear and tear,

2. Over-the-counter medication

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When it comes to medication and safety, check out OTC you bought one year prior.
Expiration dates guarantee that, with proper storage in a cool, dry place, the drug will retain 90% of its original potency for one year. Afterward, the medication may have degraded enough to lose potency or, worse, contain degradation-related byproducts which maybe harmful to you.

3. Liquor

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Once you pop that cap, spirits like vodka, rum and gin begin to deteriorate. After about six months, alcohol vaporizes, sugars crystallize, and in dairy-based liqueurs like Bailey’s, cream curdles. Experts suggest replacing liquor every year or so, and sniffing and/or taste-testing bottles you’ve had longer. Meanwhile, airtight, unopened bottle of booze with no dairy-based ingredients will last almost forever.

4. Herbs and spices

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Aside from being a dusty and gooey after some time, old bottles of dried herbs and spices will also lose their ability to make dishes more flavorful. Faded color and loss of aroma are two other ways to ID old herbs and spices.

5. Pillows

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Believe it or not, most pillows and mattresses are infested with dust mites which feed off the dead skin cells we shed in our beds. While mites only cause problems if you are allergic, it doesn’t mean you should hold on to your beloved pillow forever. Check if the pillow stinks already, or if it’s limp. Try to recall if you used a standard case without zippers as pillow casing (which would mean you allowed dust mites to creep in). If you put a check on these three, chances are you have to toss your pillow away and buy a new one.

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