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Five types of showbiz news that are not necessarily new but never fails to get us all hooked

Showbiz is a different world. It is a shiny, crazy, loud environment. Even a pandemic can’t stop all the craziness in the showbiz industry. Notice how we didn’t even feel a shortage on showbiz news? In fact now that we’re glued to our phones, there’s nothing like entertainment news to keep us- well, entertained. So grab your popcorn as we’ve listed down some types of showbiz news that no matter how many times we’ve heard of, still gets our attention.

1. Family feud

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Families in showbiz is nothing new. We know a bunch of famous clans. We won’t be surprised if a story about three siblings fighting online emerges again. Showbiz family feuds have evolved from one camp granting 1-on-1 interviews to a much easier social media posting. We all have to admit that every time issues like these arise, it gets us refreshing Twitter or Instagram, waiting for their witty banters , truth bombs, and clap backs.

2. Secret weddings & pregnancies

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Celebrities share most of their life in public that’s why it’s very hard to keep a secret in showbiz, more so a wedding or a pregnancy. But there are some couples who have managed to keep their union or pregnancy under wraps. We may read a blind item about them, but this will never be confirmed nor denied especially if it’s still in its early stage. This type of “chika” just makes the public more interested and invested that some even come up with their own theories or connect the dots through social media posts.

3. Break ups

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Showbiz break ups can get really messy especially if the couple has a large fan base. It will get to another level of crazy if it’s caused by a third party. Filipinos live for romance so they share the pain when a couple breaks up and also feel the wrath when it’s caused by a third party–especially when s/he is also in showbizness.

4. New lovers

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Just like in any workplace, you get close with the people you work with. You get to hang out with them for long periods of time that, sometimes, end up in romance. After all, it’s very hard not to fall in love especially if you play lovers on screen. Fans are very quick to put social media posts together, notice clues like common background, and weave these into a story. We have to admit the different kind of kilig it brings especially when a new couple is just starting and not admitting anything yet. The famous interview line “We’re still getting to know each other” gets us all the time.

5. Fights

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Physical altercations? Online feuds? That’s nothing new in the showbiz world. Like previously mentioned, you build relationships with the people you work with. And what is a relationship without a fight? This leaves all fans and the general public at the edge of their seats, especially when they take it online.

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