Five snacks we wish were still available right now

Despite the school’s nutrition month program, the go, glow, and grow lessons, and our parents’ reminder to eat healthy, we just can’t help but munch on junk food, biscuits, chocolates, and sodas! Especially since there are a variety of products to choose from in the nearest tindahan or even in school cafeterias. But sadly, some of our childhood favorites cannot be available forever. Here are some of the snacks we wish were still available in the market:

1. Kornets

I think we all have our grocery junk food staple––this was mine. So I was one of those who were disappointed when Granny Goose, the company behind Kornets and Tortillos, confirmed on their Facebook page that Kornets has been phased out.

2. Tofi Luk and Safari

Made by Gandour, these chocolates used to be so popular. If you can afford these when you were in elementary/high school, you live in a gated subdivision, ride the school bus, and has both food and money baon. Good news for those who miss it, it’s still available in Malaysia (where it’s made), India, and in the Middle East so just ask your friends/relatives from there to ship you some.

3. Tini Wini

This pack of mini cookie sandwiches is a popular baon and recess snack back then. Some netizens say it is now rebranded and repackaged as Sumo cookies, also manufactured by Monde. I remember a year or two ago, a Twitter user tweeted about Tini Wini and people had a hard time finding a good photo of its packaging. Sadly, the featured photo shown above was shared by another netizen who found the packaging on what appears to be a landfill. Just goes to show that these products may be discontinued for years but its packaging, when not thrown and recycled properly may still resurface years after. 🙁

4. Pop Cola

This local soft drink almost tastes the same but is a cheaper alternative to the famous, number 1 cola drink. It was phased out because the company behind Pop Cola was actually bought by the company behind the number 1 cola drink.

5. Chamyto

Remember Chamyto? This probiotic drink that was also available in Strawberry flavor, used to be a favorite merienda drink of kids. Also a fun fact, the mascot in the packaging of Chamyto was inspired by Aladin’s genie.

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