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Boost your child’s online learning experience with these 5 tips

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, students now are being asked to learn from home through online learning. This is challenging not only for the kids but for the parents too as it is not easy to convert homes into classrooms. Of course, your child’s online learning experience is going to be of utmost importance. While we are all adjusting to the “new normal”, it is important that we help our kids adapt to a non-face-to-face learning setup. Here are 5 tips to boost your child’s online learning experience.

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1. Set up a learning-friendly area

Make sure kids have an orderly and well-lit learning space. Arrange supplies such as paper, pencils, notebooks, and other supplies within reach. Have folders to hold papers and notes for each subject for easy reference.

2. Check in with your child’s teachers

Get to know your child’s teachers. Connect with them through email or phone call to ask about school policies, programs, and even strategies to help your child excel in class.

3. Prepare healthy meals ahead

Online classes follow a strict learning schedule. It is important that you prepare a healthy and filling meal ahead, so your child will have enough time to eat before their next class. Consider also what snacks you offer- sugary snacks will make it more difficult for your child to stay in their seat and focus.

4. Keep distractions to a minimum

Remote learning can be right in a middle of different family activities. It is important that each family member should make a conscious effort to minimise noise when an online class is on-going. This means that TV, music and even phone calls should be done away from the learning area.

5. Monitor and motivate

Ask your child about topics discussed in class, assignments, and tests. Praise them for small and big achievements. Give encouragement and make yourself available for questions and other concerns.

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