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Five essential things to have inside your car

We know that as drivers, we must always have our driver’s license, car insurance documents, registration, early warning device and car tools when driving, but there are also other essentials that can help us deal with unforeseen obstacles while on the road. These are not only to deal with our own inconveniences, but can be of help to others in need. To help prepare us for the surprises that life may throw us, here are the 5 essential things to have inside your car:

1. Flashlight

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One of the essential things to have is a flashlight. It is best to have one in case our phone’s flashlight dies. This is one of those things that you may never use, but may come in handy one night.

2. Duct Tape

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A reliable tool when it comes to many emergency fixes. This can be used on unexpected holes, cracks and leaks.

3. First Aid Kit

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Not that we are a believer of Murphy’s law, but this will help us for unexpected scrapes and cuts. You may purchase a pre-made kit at pharmacies or online. Some items to include are band-aids, ointments, gloves, topical antibiotics and other medicines.

4. Multi-tool

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Isn’t it perfect to have extra tools in one? Just in case you need scissors, a can opener, or a screwdriver, a multi-function tool may save the day when you encounter the unexpected.

5. Cleaning Supplies

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The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us how easily viruses and bacteria can be transmitted. Having hygiene and cleaning items in the car give us protection against both germs and dirty fingerprints. Some of the items to add in your cleaning supplies kit are disinfectant wipes, soap, tissue, microfiber towel and garbage bag.

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