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Five ways to celebrate your birthday in the time of COVID

No need to fret–even if your birthday’s happening during the time of COVID. While you cannot go out or gather friends and family around physically (for fear of contracting the disease), there are still other things to do during your birthday! Here are five ways to celebrate your birthday in the time of COVID:

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1) Gather the people important to you via video call

Exchange tales on how you’re doing and coping amid the quarantine…. Or go back memory lane. Share laughter and memories with the people who matter most to you. It will make you feel good about life- knowing you’ve come so far and that you are not alone.

2) Order in via your food courier

On your birthday, time to hang that apron. At least for today! Get your eats from your favorite restaurant or that small business you’ve heard about (yes, do give them a chance!).

3) Play board games

Nothing beats a good game of Monopoly or Cluedo where everyone actually gets to roll a dice and move pieces across the board. It actually is a hundred times more interactive than playing on your Mobile phones.

4) Attend Mass online.

Take the time to attend mass and thank the Lord for having blessed you with another year.

5) Donate!

A lot of people are in need of help nowadays…. Look around your house or check your wallet. This is the time to give. Yes, even on your birthday, you will realize that it’s better to give than to receive.

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