Top Five New Founders Products I Found (Fortunately) in Landers

First, this is not a sponsored post. If you have been reading all my entries here on Today’s Top Five, you would know that I am a huge fan of Founders products, since I discovered their luncheon meat. I intentionally bought these when prices of Prem, my alternative to Spam, shot up in recent months. Eventually, and to my surprise, this Canadian brand, also sells peanut butter (both the creamy and the chunky- which is also more affordable than the more popular Skippy).

So, in one of my trips to Landers last December (their exclusive seller, it seems), my heart was filled with joy after discovering they are now selling a new line of products. And since I tried Founders, I must say that the taste and quality are amazing. That’s why the brand is now a staple in our pantry. So now, I bring to you the Top Five Founders Products you should add to your grocery carts the next time you shop at Lander’s.

1. Founders Salmon

I love salmon, even if it comes straight from the can. More affordable than the ones I usually buy, Founder’ salmon is good enough to eat- with just the right kind of dipping sauce- soy sauce and calamansi.

2) Founders Corned Beef

This is not your Purefoods or Delimondo kind. More of a Brazilian kind like Hormel’s or Hereford. Priced less, this is a great find for those who prefer their corned beef less salty.

3) Founders Sardines

A great enough alternative to the local sardines we usually buy, their sardines

4) Founders Fruit Cocktail

Famous during the holiday season, the fruit cocktail is usually a part of the Filipino’s “handaan”. This time, I tried the Founder’s Fruit Cocktail which did not disappoint. But if you feel like adding more to the cocktail, you can add Founder’s Peach Halves!

5) Founders mushroom

A new entrant in the canned mushroom space, Founder’s mushrooms are also available in pieces and stems and whole.

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