Top Five Things Why You Should Consider Eating at Sage, Baguio

I admit. It wasn’t our first choice of place to eat. But Good Eats and Sizzling Steak in Baguio City were packed with hungry folks that spilled to the streets. And when you’re as hungry as I am, there’s no way I’d cue up that long for a table. So….in our quest to fill up our appetites before we headed back to Manila, we stumbled into this quaint restaurant called Sage that was just along the not-so busy Military Cut-Off in Baguio. And the great thing was: there was parking! So, it really was a no brainer. But I think fate brought us to this diner which filled our tummies to the core with so much satisfaction. Indeed, it was a great find- leading me to this list on the Top Five Reasons to Visit and Dine in Sage (exact address: 95 Military Cut-off Road, Baguio)

1. It’s quaint and gives you homey feels

Walking in during Christmas season, you’d get this sense that your grandma decorated the place and did not leave any space to spare. It may look over-decorated or cheesy, even. But you have to give it to these folks who’d probably do everything to make you feel like you’re very welcome.

2. Extensive menu

The menu was so extensive like Friday’s or Chili’s and it was so aplenty that you will have a hard time deciding, if it weren’t for the waitresses who would gladly enumerate their specials.

3. Uncrowded

Isn’t it nice to dine in a place where it’s uncrowded for once, where you can hear yourself speak? Maybe it’s because we came at around 2 pm already when there’s no more lunch crowd. But yeah- it also is an advantage that there were parking spaces in the curb which led straight to the resto’s door.

4. Service with a wide smile

The waitresses were so nice and accommodates your request with smile, no matter how often, or how many you are (we were a group of 10 that day). And they served the food hot and pronto.

5. Value for money

We were a group of 10 pax. Apart from appetizers, we also ordered numerous mains and most of us got shakes and fruit juices…. (which we would usually skip when we eat here in Manila because it drives the cost of our meal up). For a group of 10, we only paid more or less P3200. At Chili’s, I remember paying about P5,500 for a group of 4. And we didn’t even have take out!)

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