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Top Five Signs that It’s Already Christmas

It has been said time and again that the Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration around the world. As soon at day 1 of September begins, you begin to hear Christmas songs being played and decors start going up. But everything goes full throttle by December- when you begin to feel that everything and every event around you becomes related to Christmas. So what are the the signs that it’s already December? For me, here are the Top Five Scenarios (and believe me, the 5th one is undeniably true).

1. Traffic is terrible

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This is the time when driving becomes a headache- whether you’re a manual or automatic vehicle driver. And traffic spirals out of control- even in places away from malls! Apart from gift-buying and parties, traffic is known to be caused by a heavy influx of trucks, delivery vans and motorcycles who are busy transporting goods at this busiest yet merriest time of the year.

2. Dapitan, Divisoria, and Malls are crowded

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Dapitan, known as the go-to place for those more affordable holiday decors have been swarmed since the last weeks of October, with people from all walks of life. Then of course, Divisoria, which is now full of shoppers in the hunt for great deals. And of course, all our mega malls which are now crowded with eager buyers.

3. Cost of Christmas/holiday staples are rising

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’Tis the season for high prices of everything we would need for our Noche Buena and Media Noche celebrations, not to mention reunions. This is the time when people would still buy traditional Christmas staples like ham or make fruit salad despite higher prices saying “Pasko naman”. Also, this is the season when promos are hardly given by restaurants and establishments, specially those hoping to gain lost ground from the 2-year pandemic lockdown. (These, however, change as soon as the holidays wind down as they begin implementing promos and sales as a last ditch effort to increase sales before people run out of money to spend).

4. Merry Christmas “envelopes”

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Aside from carolers making the rounds of the neighborhood, you should also expect to receive envelopes from people asking for “Aguinaldo”. These envelopes come from street sweepers, garbage collectors and mailmen. Funny, though, that we also get envelopes from bill collectors, especially credit card collectors!

5. Many employees are resigning after getting their 13th month pay

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For a person who has been employed for many years, I have seen my colleagues submit their resignation after getting their 13th month pay or being part of the annual Christmas party raffle. Yes, the holidays serve as a signal for some to end the year with a bang- and look forward to restart somewhere else.

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