Top Five Reasons Why Tis the Season for Airspeed to be Merry

Top Five Reasons Why Tis the Season for Airspeed to be Merry

We’re down to the last months of 2022, and it has been a colorful year for the Airspeed Group of Companies. And before welcoming the new year, Airspeed counts down the Top Five Accomplishments of this year- as they look forward to what they can do more in the years to come.

1. Airspeed’s unstoppable innovation and its vision to grow despite the challenge during the pandemic. The company strived and was considered as one of the largest most trusted logistics service providers in the nation, it also expanded its services since e-commerce was one of the in- demand services during the pandemic. Airspeed acquired e-fulfillment warehouses and was able to cater ecommerce clients that became one of the company’s strengths.

2. Airspeed found the opportunity during the pandemic to have specialized services. One of these is UnboxMe, a cross-border delivery platform that allows customers to seamlessly shop on U.S. websites and get these goods delivered to their Philippine addresses. 3. Airspeed introduced Pinaspeed, an online pick-up and delivery service which makes sending gifts easier and hassle-free. Then there’s Speedfood and Speedgrocer, online delivery service platforms which help merchants reach a bigger market and provide what the dedicated demand needs.

4. Airspeed launched Speedgifts, an online gifting platform offered for global Filipinos who want to send gifts to their loved ones anywhere in the Philippines; The Speedgifts platform unveils its holiday offerings through its Holiday Hampers where you can order a variety of Christmas baskets and send it directly to your recipients. Speedgifts can also customize it according to your preferred products, as well as for corporate accounts. With these holiday offerings, everyone can choose a more convenient way of gifting and avoiding the holiday rush.

5. Airspeed also made a bold move when it comes to stepping up its game by being an affiliate of one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines, the SM Investment Corp. This strategic partnership will strengthen the services of the company and will make way to more innovations to make more things happen and be the preferred logistics partner of businesses and even the modern Filipinos.

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