Top five worst client traits

You are so very lucky if you happen to work with clients who treat you like partners. Whether you have your own business or an employee tasked to deal with clients for your company’s survival, nothing feels better than to have stress-free clients who work with you towards progress and success. But this, sadly, doesn’t happen all the time. There will always be clients who will turn your life into a nightmare. And the only way out is if they fire you, you quit- or your contract ends. Anyway, here’s the list of Top Five Worst Client Traits, in my book.

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1. Clients who are disrespectful

There are clients who are rude, brash and act as if they own you and your time. Clients must understand that the people they hire are not slaves–to get people working ‘round the clock and be talked down to or yelled at for minor slip-ups.

2. Clients who have impossible demands

There are clients who will ask for something impossible, like a venue for 100 pax with food and beverage to be booked in less than 6 hours. Or a client who wants an accountant to fix her disarrayed books a day before the BIR deadline. Clients must understand that the people they hire are not miracle workers and have limitations, given the fact that they are humans. too.

3. Clients who act as if they’re Heaven’s gift

There are clients who act like you’re so lucky to have them–and that you’ll be no good without them. Those who demand (explicit or not) that you be thankful for the business and money they put in so you don’t have any right to complain and you simply have to suck it up. Well, news is, while you have to be thankful for the business, you don’t have to stoop so low to lose your self-respect and dignity.

4 .Clients who don’t trust your expertise

There are those who hire you- but expect you to be at their beck and call and be order takers. Clients must understand that the reason why they hire outside services or help is because they are good with the job they do. Clients must take a step back, listen and trust the help that they’re paying for- only to pop up once in a while to ask the most relevant questions.

5. Clients who are delayed with their payments

There are clients who take forever to pay–with blatant disregard for work that has already been rendered. There are even those who don’t respond to your query re: payment- and just “see” your messages or keep their phones ringing.

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