Top five things you should do before going for that booster shot (or that first dose of vaxx)

So this is perhaps the time of the year when everyone’s already prepping to get their booster shot (or for some, their first dose of the COVID vaccine). So this is actually just a refresher for the Top Five Things to keep in mind when you’ve finally booked a schedule:

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1.Accept the earliest schedule possible

When you book an appointment, try your best to make it to the sched given. Only when it’s absolutely necessary should you skip it. Vaccines are usually limited, so when you’re  given the opportunity to get them, grab the sched and heed to it!

2. Get enough food and sleep

Before going to the vaccine site, make sure you have eaten or have had enough sleep. This will make your body more ready and capable to receive the vaccine–and its side effects, if ever.

3. Have paracetamol and other pain relievers on hand

Just to make sure, have your pain reliever with you so you can take them as soon as you feel some sort of body ache or pain… But don’t take it before you even get the shot as experts are unsure of how these pain relievers could interfere with  the vaccine’s effectiveness.

4.Plan how the rest of your day will go after getting vaccinated

Clear your sched for any hard or stressful work after getting vaccinated. If possible, try to get home as soon as you get the shot and rest. No heavy lifting please! Which brings me to another tip: make sure that the arm you offer for inoculation is not the arm you usually use for your daily activities as the vaccinated arm tends to get heavy after some time.

5. Wear comfy clothing

Don’t make it hard for those who will administer your shot to find your arm. Also don’t make it hard on yourself  to roll up your sleeves and unroll it after that shot. My suggestion is wear a loose shirt (with loose sleeves) or sleeveless tops. This will make it easy for both parties and make it faster for the cue of people to move faster.

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