Top five things a political candidate must possess


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Apart from the end of COVID, the most anticipated event of 2022 for us Filipinos, is the national elections–where we elect our new leader. There are many facets to what a good leader should be. But before they get to that, they must run a campaign like no other to get the votes and get to the top.

I am no political expert, but being an avid fan of politics since I was 5 (thanks to my Dad), I have a good sense of how good candidates look and act like–or at least, how they should be. These traits, somehow, also provide a sneak peek into how they are as people and how they will be when they win the top position. Here’s my top five:

1. Candidates have to keep a brave face

No matter what the issues hurled at a candidate, one must be able to keep cool and answer intelligently without appearing condescending or defensive. This means one must practive patience and tact at all times.

2. Candidates have to be smart

A candidate must be in the know of everything happening around him/her. Specially in an ambush interview and when asked about his particular take on an issue, he cannot be looking at his closest adviser to give him/her the answer. And the answers cannot be so-so or standard or generalized. It has to be substantial.

3. Candidates have to be good with people

Even if one hates the crowd, a candidate must be able to interact well with the public. After all they are the ones who will be voting for him/her. One cannot appear exasperated or bored out of their wits. One must be able to keep smiling face or appear empathic at all times, specially when one asks for a handshake or a selfie photo.

4. Candidates have to be convincing

This means that a candidate must have that gift to impart his thoughts, views, programs and policies–and get people to get on board with these. the power to entice and get people to your side is a must, otherwise, how will you seal the votes?

5. Candidates have to stand out

With opponents left and right, a politician must be able to stand out from the pack. The only way for this to happen is if the person offers something outstanding or different–specially when it comes to his vision and his programs once elected. His ideas have to be be more than sensible, it has to be great.

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