Top five things to avoid after getting vaccinated

I learned the hard way. I felt fine after getting vaccinated that Thursday morning. Except for the slight pain on my arm, i felt okay. Until the next morning, when I decided to do some heavy grocery shopping and opted to carry and stash those boxes of goods in my car. It was then and there that I felt chills and felt so weak I couldn’t drive off. it took an hour or so of resting that I finally mustered enough strength to drive myself home. This has inspired me to come up with the five things to avoid after getting a vaccine shot.

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1. Do not exercise or exhaust yourself physically

Forcing yourself to work out will likely make you feel worse. It’s best to take a day or two off if you’re feeling weak after your shot. This includes strenuous activities which will force you to exert a lot of energy like moving heavy objects across the room or heavy carpentry.

2. Do not get other vaccines around the same time

Because there’s not enough info on how the COVID-19 vaccine will interact with other vaccines, experts say one should wait two weeks to get another vaccine type.

3.Do not get a tattoo or piercing right after your shot

Medical experts say there’s a slight chance it could trigger an immune response on top of the vaccine. Your best bet is to consult your doctor first- wait at least a few days before getting that tattoo or piercing.

4. Do not dehydrate

You need to drink plenty of water because H20 helps your body process your body’s immune response to the vaccine. It will also help your body fight in case you start to feel feverish.

5. Do not drink alcohol

Hydrating does not mean drinking alcohol. Consuming alcohol in the first 24 to 48 hours after vaccination, specially if it’s the second dose, will make you feel worse. Alcohol also contributes to dehydration, which can lead to headaches and muscle or joint pain

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