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Five things to buy in Mercury Drug (other than medicine)

Mercury Drug has been the number one drugstore in the Philippines for so many years now. Their slogan has always been “Nakasisiguro, gamot ay laging bago”. But Mercury Drug has also been one of the go-to places during the pandemic. and for good reason. That’s because they also sell some other stuff, other that your usual medicine. And some of these things can’t be found n a grocery or a department store! Here are the five items that you can buy in Mercury Drug (other than medicine).

1. Fortune Breads

Pianono Recipe: Filipino Swiss Roll - Kitchen Confidante®

These breads are usually bought in bakeries built within the Tropical Hut Grocery store. But with the closure of some of its bakeries, it’s been difficult to find Fortune breads. Thank heavens, their breads can be found in Mercury Drug. Favorite breads to buy are their pianono roll and their Spanish bread.

2. Sausage Haus

If you’re looking for a new line of processed meats, then Sausage Haus is what you should look for. Sausage Haus has awesome-tasting ready-to-cook burgers. Their patties are juicy and big and don’t reduce in size when cooked.

3. Ethyl Alcohol

This alcohol brand surfaced during the pandemic- and immediately caught my eye. It comes in breakable bottles that look like liquor bottles. No surprise there because it’s produced by Desteleria Limtuaco, which produces Tanduay.

4. Imang Telang’s Lumpiang Pinoy

Often out of stock in Mercury Drug’s freezer section, Imang Telang’s Lumpiang Shanghai is a product that you need to buy once you come across it. The great thing about Imang Telang’s version is that they’re delicious and priced so affordably.

5. Oxycan

This has helped my friend through her asthma attacks….. and even during her panic attacks. This oxygen in a can is available in the shelves of Mercury Drug- and is so light to carry around.

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