Top five Chinese brands in Brand Z’s global top 100

When people mention the word China or Chinese, several things come to mind: POGOs, cheaply-priced stuff, cheaply-made stuff, Wuhan, communism, Tikoy, Binondo, Feng-Shui, Spratly Islands and  a population of a billion or so.

Whatever you think of them, one thing you can never doubt is the way they have persevered, and the way they have launched several brands that have made a dent in the lives of people worldwide. Just so you know, in the recently  released Most Valuable Brands Global Top 100 of BrandZ, 17 are Chinese brands. (In order, the Top Five globally are: Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google and VISA).

The Top 100 best Chinese brands increased their worth by $106.8 billion to reach $996.4 billion, demonstrating the resilience of strong famous brands and their ability to build and sustain value in the most difficult of years, according to BrandZ.

Here’s the Top Five Chinese Brands that made it to the Top 100  (And for the sake of people who are wondering about the other Chinese brands known here in the Philippines Huawei is in the 45th spot, Haier is 68th, Tiktok is 79th and Xiaomi is 81st).

1. Alibaba (6th)

Alibaba Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG Chinese brands

Alibaba remains China’s most valuable brand for the second year, growing +9% to $153.3 billion,

2. Tencent (7th)

Tencent logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG Chinese brands

Tencent is a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company with investments in Internet-related services and products, including entertainment and artificial intelligence. Posted 9% growth to $151.0 billion.

3. Moutai 18th

The traditional Chinese baijiu alcohol brand

4. ICBC (31st)

ICBC (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd.)

Multinational  Chinese banking company

5. China Mobile (36th)

China Mobile Communications Corporation - HB Radiofrequency

Provides mobile voice and multimedia services through its nationwide mobile telecommunications network across mainland China and Hong Kong.

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