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Top five reasons to use the Skyway everyday

If you haven’t passed the newly-opened Skyway (from NLEX or Quezon Avenue to Alabang or vice-versa, then you’re missing a lot. Specially now that the toll is still free. With toll running as high as P400+, many motorists like me who have experienced the convenience of passing the Skyway  but live on a budget  will have to make another adjustment. So for your sake, and mine, here are the five good reasons to use the Skyway (even if it’s darn expensive).

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1. If you’re in a rush

Only when you’re in a rush should you really consider using the Skyway. It really cuts down travel time BIG TIME. So if you’re late for a meeting or late for your flight, then taking the Skyway is the best way ever!

2. If you dread traffic

Of course, this is the best reason there is! Unless, of course, you’re a masochist who enjoys the sight of exasperated drivers, unmoving cars and smoke belchers.

3. If you hate to drive with buses, trucks, jeeps and motorcycles around

Limited for use of cars, vans and certain vehicles, using the Skyway will give you a respite from all the noise and the fuss.

4. If you have the money to burn

Of course, if you have the resources, the toll fee should never be a cause for concern.

5. If you want a smooth ride and want a spectacular view of the sunset

Without the bumps, cracks and potholes, the Skyway is great for your vehicle’s suspension. And not kidding, driving freely and breezily with  the sun setting gives you the kind of emotion that says: It’s great to be alive.

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