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Top five movies to watch on Netflix (that are based on true events)

Many people have welcomed Netflix as part of the New Normal–with many relying on its series and films to be entertained so they can keep their minds off the new COVID-19 variant and other problems the virus brings. And while we continue to fight off our boredom, worries and what have you, here’s me giving you my recommended films to watch on Netflix that are based on true to life events.

1. The Most Hated Woman in America

Watch The Most Hated Woman in America | Netflix Official Site

The movie will surely be frowned upon by many Filipinos for the fact that it revolves around the story of an American woman who founded the American Atheists. (Believe me, I don’t shock easily, but the way she called Jesus and the Virgin Mary names is quite disturbing). This is based on the story of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who worked to remove prayer in public schools in the US. The film also talks about how she made money out of what she called her non-profit organization–and how she met her fatal end when she was kidnapped back in the ’90s together with her son and granddaughter.

2. Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile

Watch Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile | Netflix Official Site

The film is based on the memoir of serial killer Ted Bundy’s girlfriend Liz (played by Zac Efron and Lily Collins, respectively) and follows her perspective. A single mom, Liz meets Ted in a bar where he presented himself as a law student- and, later on, allows him to share her home and play with her young daughter. All these- while he carried out murder after murder (he was given the death sentence after being convicted of killing some 30 women- though many believe the number can reach as much as 100). If you want to know how Bundy’s charm allowed him to get away with his evil actions for so long, put this on your play list.

3. Molly’s Game

Watch Molly's Game | Netflix

From screenwriter turned director Aaron Sorkin, who’s also behind Steve Jobs and the Social Network, the film revolves around Molly, played by the brilliant Jessica Chastain, who becomes the target of an FBI investigation after her underground poker empire is exposed. If you’re looking for a film about a true person who strives to prove themselves and reach for greatness in a competitive and perilous field, this movie is for you.

4. Kill the Messenger

Is Movie 'Kill the Messenger 2014' streaming on Netflix?

This film which features one of the better performances from Jeremy Renner, focuses on American journalist Gary Webb who probes the CIA’s role in getting cocaine into the US in the ’80’s in order to get money and arms to freedom fighters in Nicaragua. The movie takes viewers into the world of journalism- and how exciting a profession it can be.

5. United 93

Watch United 93 | Netflix

This features a dramatic portrayal of events inside one of the hijacked planes of 9/11. Director Paul Greengrass effectively brought to life the frightening events aboard flight United 93 before it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania during an attempt by passengers and crew to regain control of the plane.

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