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Top five home items from Xiaomi that makes me a believer

Xiaomi is not just a power house for mobile phones. It also houses a wide range of gadgets and home appliances which feature minimalist designs and innovation. I bought myself a few Xiaomi products during the lockdown, and I must say that they look well, built well, and well-thought of. Here now is my list of top five Xiaomi items which are on my next purchase list because of the slew of benefits they bring. More than that, these gadgets make me stop and think: Now why didn’t I think of that.

1. Xiaomi Portable Air Pump

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This very compact gadget can be used for bikes, motorcycles, cars or e-scooters. It has a rechargeable lithium battery and digital tire pressure display which can fully pump 5 pieces of tires in one charge.

2. Xiaomi Wireless Handheld Dust Mite Collector Ultraviolet Vacuum Cleaner

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This vacuum cleaner doesn’t just clean the surface. It actually kills those unseen dust and mites lurking in your beds or sofas. That’s because it has a strong suction with a swirling air that absorbs those pesky creatures. More than that, it also has a UV-C lamp tube that kills germs and disinfects.

3. Xiaomi Automatic Rechargeable USB Mini Touch Switch Water Pump Wireless Electric Dispenser

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This wireless charging electric water dispenser makes it easy for those who buy 5-gallon water jugs for their everyday refills. Instead of  having to carry the whole thing and flip them upside down on a dispenser, all you need is to just attach the pump atop the spout. And voila, just press the button to make the water flow into your glass or pitcher. This tool can also be recharged with the use of the USB.

4. Automatic Water Saver Tap Intelligent Infrared Induction Water Faucet

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This gadget helps save water. Easily attachable to faucets, this has an anti-overflow feature. Water flows out when you reach your hands near it. It has two modes: Instant mode for fast water flow, auto-stopping after 20-seconds; and, Continuous modelwhich makes the water flow out for 3 minutes. It even has 6 kinds adapters for common mainstream faucets.

5. Xiaomi Heater Electric Fan Heater or Warm Air Blower

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This Viomi Radiator is a handy Warming Tool with a 600W motor that generates air up to  40°C and rotates by 45 degrees.  It Also has security measures to prevent overheating and accidents. It is compact in size  and only has a weight 0.9 kg. It is very handy, specially when you want warmth during typhoons or the cold season.

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