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Five CSR activity ideas for startups and small businesses

We’ve heard and seen a lot of big companies doing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work to give back to the community. Embracing CSR will not only benefit the recipient, but also the employers and their employees as it increases customer loyalty and improves employee motivation. Small businesses often feel overwhelmed, but CSR comes in many forms. No matter what your business size is, it can impact social change. Here are top five CSR activity ideas for startups and small businesses.

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1. Environmental Activities

A lot of companies are engaging in Environmental CSRs as our lives depend on a healthy planet. Examples are tree planting, coastal cleanups and wildlife protection. These efforts will help stabilize climate and safeguard habitat for biodiversity. You can also start small around your office by going paperless or shifting to biodegradable products and supplies.

2. Relief Operations

In the Philippines, we experience a lot of natural phenomena as we belong to the Pacific Ring of Fire. We often have earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and also typhoons. You can help by sending a check to organizations like Red Cross, or you can also send relief items to the affected areas.

3. Donation Drive

The simplest way of helping is through donation. Donation can be anything regarded as essential to others – school supplies, sports equipment, food, medicine and even blood. Other companies also embed this on their business model, where a percentage of their earnings will be donated to others in need.

4. Adopt a Charity/Nonprofit Organization

This is a fundraising project for a chosen charity/NPO. Ask your employees what charities or organizations they care about – and get involved. Raised funds can be for education, medical assistance, livelihood or animal welfare. Sample of fundraising projects are car wash, movie block screening, sporting event or benefit concert.

5. Volunteering in the community

Giving back to the community is not always monetary or material donations. Companies can encourage their employees to spend time with the children in orphanages or elderlies in old age homes. Organizing some fun activities with them like book reading or song and dance entertainment will help them ease their loneliness and can boost their morale.

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