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Five items that will surely help you study or work better at home

Making your home a workspace is no easy task! Especially if you’re used to the 9 to 6 set up in your office building. But due to pandemic and the rising cases we *still* have in the Philippines, we must remain indoors and accept that we have to adapt quickly to the new normal. To help you overcome the dilemma of separating your room from your now study or work station, here are some essentials that will make your work life more comfortable and productive. Check out the five items that will surely help you study or work better at home:

1. Nice desk

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Start by setting up the right work station. It will instantly make adjusting a bit easier for you. It will help you separate where your sleep and relax, from the space you’ll be working in.

2. Comfy office chair

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If you think this is way out of your budget, just think of it as an upgrade your body will thank you later. It is important to feel relaxed while answering emails and making presentations.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones

WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones | Sony PH

There are certain things in life you can’t control. Like the barking of your neighbors dog. A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones will come in handy especially for your Zoom meetings with your officemates or clients.

4. Bluetooth speaker

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When you’re not on a Zoom meeting, grab the opportunity to play your favorite playlist. If this WFH set up is new to you (like for most people), calming yourself through music will surely help brighten up your mood.

5. Insulated Tumbler

Thermos One Touch Flip Top Vacuum Insulated Tumbler JNL-503 | Shopee  Philippines

Keep one near you so you’ll always remember to stay hydrated and also to keep you from running back and forth from your kitchen.

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