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Five questions to ask yourself before buying something

Purchasing an item should be made with both caution and careful thought. Specially when you see the S-A-L-E sign either online or in your favorite shops! So how do you resist temptation each and every time? How do you control yourself from going in debt or blowing all your savings off for those expenses- which, you have to admit, are useless most of the time? Here are the Top Five questions to ask yourself first before buying something:

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1. Will it make you happy

First, will it make you happy? And i’m not talking about fleeting joy commonly associated with impulse purchases. If you feel that the item will bring you joy, a week after purchasing, then go ahead and give in to your desire/s.

2. Do you need it?

This is actually the most practical question to ask yourself. Does it fulfill a need? then ask further: do you really need it at this time? Then ask again: How much do you need it? Only by answering these questions honestly can you really know for sure that an item is essential.

3. Do you have an alternative for it?

before you buy, think hard if you have something in your possession that offers the same use. Like if you need a folder to hold your document together, think if you have an envelope already holding them in place. Same thing with a pajama. do you have clothes that have been worn too much it has softened in time? That could be even more comfortable to use.

4. Do you have the money for it?

This is, of course, the main question to ask before you buy anything. Will it put.a hole in your wallet? will it mean you swiping another expense on your credit card? Will it mean spending the money allocated for bills or everyday necessities like food?

5. Will you have better use for the money?

Yes, it’s your money- and you should be allowed to spend it the way you want. but before doing so, think if you can put the money to better use- like maybe, make a donation or treat your parents out to a nice lunch. Remember that there are some things money cannot buy- like a grateful heart or time with family.

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