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Five things to be thankful for this new normal

As the pandemic reaches the second wave in some regions, some have become more restless and edgy as to when things will be back to the real normal. But for people like me who have always tried to live a happy life despite all odds, I have come to thank this pandemic- for the blessings it has brought. So here’s my share of the top five things to be thankful for despite the pandemic.

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1. You get to spend more time at home

During the old normal, busy bees would hardly spend any time at home. Sometimes, they would only go home to take a bath and sleep. But with the pandemic, most people are given no choice but stay safely inside their residences. This has made then focus more on the things that have long been neglected like repainting or replacing the bulb and more importantly, spending more time with family and loved ones.

2. You learn to cook and bake

At first, ordering in was the way to go. But as weeks passed, we realize we cannot be spending our money on take out- specially if you have a lot of people to feed. That’s why many have learned to cook and bake. Not only does home cooking cut expenses drastically, it also helps kill the time.

3. The rise of small food businesses

With the pandemic, big restaurant players had to scale down on their operations. This was the chance of small entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and their delicious home-concocted dishes to the world. And with social media as their market place, these small businesses have come to develop their own loyal base- making it a source of income they can rely on.

4. You get to know the people who will really stick it out with you

The pandemic makes us realize who we need in our lives to keep us sane, safe, comforted and loved.  (And of course, those who need us in theirs). Those who take the time to chat or check on you are the people worth keeping in your life!

5. You get to appreciate having work

Let’s admit it–before COVID-19, many are seen dragging themselves to work in the morning: ranting about their boss, the tons of tasks they need to finish or the low pay. But in truth, having a job or keeping a job during the pandemic is a blessing.  Just ask the millions of unemployed. Aside from the fact that it pays the bills, it also keeps you productive and on your toes. It also means you are contributing to the economy.

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