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Five #NewNormal items you may or may not need

At this point wearing a mask, a face shield, and sanitizing your hands are already a no-brainer. These items instantly became as essential as our wallets and keys. But here are other new normal items that you may find also helpful especially if you’re a bit ~extra~, but you may not necessarily need:

1. Personal air mist

This handy gadget is made to be used as a facial mist but others are putting their alcohols on it and uses it to sanitize their gadgets, tables, and other items. If you love to refreshen your face with water or your favorite toner, then this may be helpful for you but if want to use it to sanitize, might as well just use a small spray alcohol bottle.

2. Automatic alcohol or soap dispenser

Since everyone at home uses alcohol and soap, you can use an automatic dispenser so you can avoid or minimize contact with something used all the time. This is ideal for offices, buildings, and malls or if you have a big family at home.

3. Ear saver

Wearing masks all day can get uncomfortable especially on the back of our ears. Luckily, people came up with the idea of ear savers where you can hook your mask’s elastic straps so your ears can be ‘saved’ and relieved from discomfort.

4. Face mask case

Store your unused face masks on its own case to keep it protected from dirt and moisture. Bringing extra masks with you will always come in handy.

5. Air purifier

If you have extra cash to spend, why not splurge on an air purifier? Though this device is a luxury to have, its benefits is surely worth its price. An air purifier removes contaminants from the air in a room and help improve indoor air quality.

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