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Five kitchen appliances that will make you feel awesome… (but do we really need them?)

Now that online shopping has become a way of life, some of us have become more and more tempted to buy things, which- we don’t really need. Here’s our top five list of small kitchen appliances that will definitely make our kitchens look extra pretty. But then again, do we really need them?

1. Deep Fryer

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Honestly, do we really need to waste our money on too much oil–at the expense of our health? Let’s just do it the old-fashioned way, of using a deep pan to cook those fries and onion rings we just love…. At least if we can’t stay off the oil, we can at least be more practical on how to use it.

2. Espresso Machine

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If you’re a simple man with simple needs, then an espresso machine isn’t something to invest in. Aside from the price, those espresso capsules also don’t come cheap!

3. Electric Can Opener

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Flex your fingers and give it some exercise, will you? A few seconds spent to open a can’s top isn’t hard work, believe me! This definitely gives you some ease when compared to its traditional kitchen appliances counterpart.

4. Juicer

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If you’re not the type to drink juice every day, why bother? You can always squeeze juice using the palm of your hands- or by using hand-held juicers. These old ways will also save you the time of cleaning up!

5. Food Processor

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Instead of buying a food processor which takes up such a huge space, go, instead, for your ever-reliable blender. For one with great quality, you can chop veggies, make soup, mix dressing and prepare dips!

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