Top Five Things to Know About International Coffee Chain, TOMORO COFFEE

Popular International coffee brand TOMORO COFFEE officially opened its doors to Filipinos. After opening its first wave of stores last April, the brand held the grand opening of its first flagship store in Manila this June with an ideal location just in front of Far Eastern University at 908 Nicanor Reyes St., Sampaloc, Manila. During the launch of its flagship store as coffee aficionados, mostly students from the university belt, cued up and patiently waited in line to order their favorite caffeine fix- and then some!

So, what is TOMORO COFFEE? What makes it special? And why is it creating a stir in every place they’ve set up shop? Here are the Top Five Things You Ought to Know About TOMORO COFFEE, TODAY!

  1. TOMORO COFFEE, after its establishment last 2022, has been one of the fastest-growing coffee chains in Southeast Asia with more than 450 stores in Indonesia and successfully expanding to Shanghai China and Singapore. Here in the Philippines, TOMORO COFFEE is eyeing to open no less than 100 stores this 2024 alone. As one of the biggest coffee chains in Indonesia, TOMORO COFFEE is committed to bringing specialty coffee experience here in the Philippine market with an investment of over USD10 million
  2. TOMORO COFFEE’s vision is to allow everyone to enjoy high quality and affordable coffee. With excellent value for money and quality, TOMORO COFFEE is ready to set off a coffee craze here in the Philippines with its affordable prices starting at only 70 pesos.
  3. The brand name “TOMORO” means “Tomorrow”, symbolizing the brand’s pursuit of a better future and yearning for tomorrow. After traveling to more than 30 countries searching for the best quality coffee beans and coffee culture, the founder is now committed to passing on this love and pursuit to fellow coffee lovers around the world.
  4. TOMORO COFFEE is opening its business to franchisees/business partners and plans to open 100 coffee shops in 2024 to bring new energy into the growing business. And franchisees receive the following:
  • Professional Training Laboratory

This 3-story coffee flagship store opening in Manila has a professional training laboratory to ensure the consistency of high-quality products and services.

  • Nine-Partner Support

To support the success of franchisees, TOMORO COFFEE provides comprehensive partnership support, including continuous employee training; new store activity support; online delivery platform operation; data analysis;  quality control inspection; market advertising; decoration and construction support; site selection support; and, quick response of the operations manager ensuring that each branch maintains high-quality products and services.

  • Franchise Package

First franchisees can enjoy Php 250,000 worth of raw materials, marketing support, and system fees. The franchise fee for three years, worth Php 280,000 will also be waived. This offer is only valid until July 31st. Only a 5% royalty fee every month is required to be paid to enjoy unlimited business opportunities. In addition, franchisees can quickly expand their business by using their existing business locations to open TOMORO COFFEE franchises. Interested franchisees can sign up through

  1. There’s a TOMORO COFFEE APP that you can download. To allow users to taste every drop of 100% Arabica Coffee easily and quickly, TOMORO COFFEE has also launched its exclusive APP, which is now available on the Google Play Store and App Store. With this, customers can download and experience TOMORO COFFEE any time.New users enjoy exclusive welcome vouchers including getting their first drink for only 50 pesos.

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