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Top Five Reasons to Explore Poblacion’s Hidden Nightlife Gem: WYP Bar

In the vibrant streets of Makati’s Poblacion, where each corner hides a tale waiting to be unveiled, there’s a hidden gem that beckons the adventurous souls seeking a unique nightlife experience. Tucked away on 6236 Manalac St., WYP (What’s Your Poison) awaits, promising engaging conversations, intriguing cocktails, and unforgettable nights.

As the sun sets over the city, WYP comes to life, drawing in locals and travelers alike. In Today’s Top Five, we list down the reasons why you have to venture off the beaten path and discover the hidden gem that awaits at WYP:

WYP exudes vibrant energy due to its tiki-themed sanctuary. Stepping through the doors, one is immediately transported to an exotic paradise adorned with tropical decor, setting the stage for an Instagram-worthy evening. With its vibrant murals, every detail is designed to captivate the senses and ignite the imagination.

Located in bustling Poblacion and just a stone’s throw away from UNWND Hotel, WYP offers the perfect escape for guests seeking a memorable night out. For those looking to arrive in style, a tuktuk ride is offered from the hotel, adding an extra touch of excitement to the journey.

Upon entering WYP, guests are greeted by warmth and hospitality, where camaraderie thrives. Whether flying solo or with friends, the Lihim Lounge offers an intimate enclave for exclusivity amidst the bustling crowd. With a capacity for up to 60 guests, WYP is the ideal venue for private events, transforming every occasion into a memorable experience, with a dedicated team ensuring every detail is taken care of.

WYP boasts of intricately crafted cocktails. At the heart of WYP lies its signature cocktail, the Hubugka, a concoction made with coconut rum that embodies the essence of the islands. As the night unfolds, guests are invited to explore the extensive selection of spirits and indulge in new grilled options on the menu, adding a savory twist to the evening’s festivities.

The magic of WYP extends beyond its delectable offerings and captivating ambiance. Throughout the week, guests can immerse themselves in a variety of themed events, from Drag Shows to Trivia Nights, each one promising an unforgettable experience that keeps them coming back for more. WYP also pulsates with the rhythm of DJ nights every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

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