Top Five Reasons to go to Landers

Top Five Reasons to go to Landers

This is not paid content. Now that that’s out of the way, here I am about to give you a rundown of the Top Five Reasons why you should go to Lander’s. Or maybe sign up as a member (if you haven’t already). But not because Sarah G. and her hubby Matteo are all over YouTube promoting Lander’s…. Or because they’ve opened up another branch. But because I am a member- and I can vouch for the great things about them (as well as the not-so-great things about them- but that’s for another time). So here are the Top Five Reasons:

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1. The Food

Their food isn’t as popular or easily accessible like its competitor. But the food at Landers is reallllyyyyy good. Their pizza is delicious and not as commercialized (you should try their four-cheese); their burger and hotdogs are chewy and moist; their roasted chicken is savory; and their pasta tastes pretty well. I think it helps that their dishes are exclusively sold in their stores which is why they don’t really scrimp on ingredients and flavors and they actually put attention to what they serve up.

2. The free haircut for members

Yes, there is, still, something as free in this world and age. All you need to do is present a receipt, and they can give you a free cut. The great thing is, there’s no minimum amount for the receipt. It can be a scoop of ice cream or a muffin- and you’ve got yourself a cut. Now, if you want to try out their other services like hair color or scalp treatment, then that’s another story. But the great thing about this hair salon is that while the cutters are almost all male (like barber-shop male), they do great in cutting female hair (I had mine cut layered). Oh, and they also offer other services like deep scalp clean and some premium hair coloring.

3. The Founders Brand

They say that this is an exclusive brand only to be found in Landers (No pun intended). But have you actually tried their luncheon meat, their almond covered chocolates or their peanut butter? It’s actually a great brand that is way more affordable than the Spams, the Prems and the Skippys of our generation.

4. Landers’ Piso Sale during Sales

These recent years, I have been one of the lucky ones to have purchased a great selection- for yes, you heard it, for only 1 peso. Some of those items include a box of Swiss Miss cocoa (with 10 packets); Glade room spray; a bar of Irish Spring soap; and yes, swimwear! The caveat is, there is a limit of only one or 2 items per customer. And you have to get to the store early to make sure you don’t run out of stocks. But somehow, I guess a lot of people really know how priceless a piso sale is. That’s because I heard some of the members actually hop from one Landers branch to another to get for themselves the “piso” product. And they even go with the whole clan- who each have a Lander’s membership card, so they, too, can get a Lander’s “piso” product.

5. Landers’ friendly accommodation a.k.a. parking

The greatest thing about Landers is the parking. They simply give you a number when you enter the parking (unless it’s a sale, in which case, they simply let you in) and they don’t really demand for a receipt from you of a minimum amount of P500 or else they will charge you parking fee, In fact, in BGC, one membership grocery will charge you thousands if you simply park and not buy anything from their store). I get the charge, but thousands?? Really?? Lander’s probably does it to attract customers. I mean, in their heads, they know that out of 10 people who will freely park in their lots, maybe 5 will actually purchase something. And for a “members only grocery” which is trying to attract more sign-ups, the risk is probably worth it.

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