Top Five Overused Plots in Romance/Romcoms Series/Movies

One friend asked me why I only reallly binge on crime, law or true to life shows/movies, series. And the answer is quite simple: their plots are hardly usual and predicted. Don’t get me wrong- I also have my fair share of favorites when it comes to romance or romantic comedies. Think Serependity, Something Borrowed or Penelope. Even Atonement or Pearl Harbor. But nowadays, there just isn’t enough material to go around to keep me nearly interested. So before you judge me, I have listed the Top Five Overused Romance Plots in movies, both local and international. And unless these plots change, I guess I will just keep sticking to my chosen genre.

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1. Girl meets boy in a classic romance film and one of them has health issues

These plots usually have life-threatening illnesses to deal with, mostly cancer where chances of living is close to nil. so expect lots of tears and lots of pain when you watch these kind of films.

2. Ugly duckling or nerdy person who transforms into a more beautiful form

And then they get the guy or girl.- While the transformation really gets us each and every time, don;t you notice how the nerdy or ugly person cast for the role actually looks good- but is just dressed shabbily with big rimmed glasses? So the change isn’t as difficult as it seems.

3. People who have been friends all their lives

Eventually, they discover that there’s no one else they need in their lives but each other.- Yes, there’s that boy standing on the sidelines who is crushing on someone else- but supporting her, anyway, despite the fact that he is head over heels in love with her. of course, we cheer for him- and they end up with each other.

4. Lovers from different social classes who fall in love and conquer the odds.

This is the typical against all odds romance movie where one of the main characters trump social class or their parents’ wishes or other expectations to be with the other person.

5. Girl or guy who time travel or even passes away but comes back in another form for the sake of love and romance

Think of the movies If Only, the Lake House or Kate and Leopold. Also the classic Ghost! Think of all the travel they do and all the words they haven’t said and things they haven’t done- and find or give closure to the people they love through film. I really hope that in real life, things are just as simple.

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