Today’s Top Five: Shakey’s Mojos Collab With Potato Corner!

Is there anything else better than Shakey’s famous Mojos? Of course not! But there’s certainly a way to make it more fun. And how, you may ask! Well, by collaborating with another iconic name in the food industry: Potato Corner, to give eaters delicious, unforgettable treats that they can order- right now.

So now, we present down the Top Five Things You Need to Know About the Shakey’s Mojo’s and Potato Corner Collab: 

    1. Your favorite Mojos are now Made MO’ Fun with Flavors, thanks to an iconic collaboration between Shakey’s and Potato Corner! Starting Labor Day, May 1, 2023, Shakey’s will be coming out with Flavored Mojos: Shakey’s signature Mojos combined with Potato Corner’s iconic flavors: BBQ, Sour Cream, and Cheese.
    2. To fill you in: BBQ Flavored Mojos is made with Potato Corner’s signature barbecue flavor. This all-time favorite from Potato Corner gives e
      very bite of Shakey’s Mojos a burst of smoky, tangy, and meaty taste. For those looking for a zesty kick to their Mojos, guests can also try the
      Sour Cream Flavored Mojos, which blends flavorful herbs and rich, zingy sour cream. Then last but not least, Cheese Flavored Mojos is for those who can’t get enough of Potato Corner’s finger-licking O.G cheese. This classic, craveable flavor blends perfectly with Shakey’s iconic Mojos slices.
    3. Flavored Mojos can be had in three sizes: Solo (Php 209), Basket of Flavored Mojos (Php 429), and Flavored Mojos Supreme (Php 579)!

  1. Can’t decide which flavor to get? Great thing is, when you order a Flavored Mojos Supreme, you can opt for “Half and Half”, meaning you get two flavors in one bucket!
  2. You better hurry- because Shakey’s delectible flavored potato treats are available in Shakey’s stores for a limited time only. So order now- whether for dine-in, carry-out, and delivery! 

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