Top Five Facts About Metro Manila Traffic

Just how bad is Metro Manila Traffic. Well, we – who drive or commute each and every day already know how bad it is, by the amount of gas we lose every time we get stuck in a jam- or by the amount of patience we lose. TomTom Traffic Index , the leading independent location, navigation and map technology specialist in the world, studied traffic conditions in cities around the world- and has this to report about the Philippines: We come in 9th place as the most congested city out of a whopping 389 cities. Across East and Southeast Asia, Manila was the second most traffic-congested city after Sapporo, Japan- which placed 4th over-all. Who would have thought that we would beat Tokyo, Japan; Jakarta, Indonesia; and, Bangkok, Thailand.

So here are the Top Five Interesting Traffic Facts about Metro Manila, based on TomTom Traffic index of 2022 (something to read and keep you entertained while in traffic):

1. On an average, it takes 27 minutes for Filipinos to travel 10 kilometers in Metro Manila.

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2. The average speed during rush hour in Metro Manila is 21 km/hour.

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3. The worst time to travel in Metro Manila is 5 to 6 pm- which is the rush hour.

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4. Annually, Filipinos lose 103 hours- or almost four days on the road due to traffic congestion.

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5. The daily economic cost of traffic congestion in Metro Manila is P3.5 billion. If you think that’s a lot, then get this: they predict that this may reach P5.4 billion per day by 2035 if nothing is done about it.

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