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Top Five Tips When Shopping in Divisoria

More than all the SM Malls combined, there is one place that everyone flocks to come the Christmas season (and actually, all seasons, for that matter): Divisoria.

People from all walks of life come here to do their shopping- especially when in the hunt for great bargains. Name it-they have it. From clothes to wall paper to all sorts of containers to rabbits and dragon fruit. The list is endless.

Here are the Top Five Tips When Shopping in Divisoria:

Divisoria Market Guide 2020

1. Look for quality stuff

Just because it’s Divisoria, doesn’t mean that everything here is cheap-looking or of bad quality. You can always find things which are well-stitched or of great material here. All you need to do is inspect the things you buy. Put some love on how you hunt for bargains- and think carefully for who or what it’s for and put yourself in the shoes of the recipient/s.

2. Compare prices from different stalls

Don’t pick up the first item that you see on the first shop you visit (unless it’s something you feel in your heart you won’t find anywhere else). this especially is true for things you need to buy in bulk. Look for the best deals especially when working with a tight budget.

3. Look for stuff that’s unique and not found in most stalls

Yes- this is possible, even in Divi! Believe me, there’s a stall out there which sells stuff that’s unique and can’t be found in other shops. So, the trick there is not to join the crowd. When you see droves of people flocking a place, keep away and move on. These pieces which I speak of will be so unique, no one will ever think you bought them in Divi.

4. Be a “suki”

If you’re the type who’d frequent Divi, then aim to become a “suki” of your favorite store or stall. Being a frequent patron will get you discounts, or first dibs on new stocks and new models. Being a “suki” may also earn for you honesty from the stall owner or the sales staff on just how good or bad a product is.

5. Choose to visit during dead hours

Dead hours means very early morning (as early as 8 am) or 1 pm (when the sun is hot or everyone is in their “siesta”. That way, you will have a chance to park; or walk safely away from the crowd where potential COVID spreaders or pick-pockets and snatcher could be lurking. Also, make sure to wear a mask. I know it’s not anymore a requirement especially when outdoors. But I believe most of you would rather be safe, than sorry.


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