Top Five Reasons Why I Never Smoked

Smoking is dangerous to the health. That is a given. No ifs and buts. I am, I guess, one of the lucky ones who don’t have to worry about that as I am not a smoker. Of course I managed to puff a few times- especially when I felt the need to rebel- but that was just it. It wasn’t something I liked- though I must admit, I was okay with the smell of it- and even found those who smoked cool. But back to me. So why didn’t I get into smoking? Well here are the Top Five Reasons Why:

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1. I couldn’t afford it

One stick of cigarette, back in the day, wouldn’t really put a dent in your wallet. But I was afraid one wouldn’t be enough (judging from my smoker friends’ tales). I would rather spend my allowance on something pretty like stationery or a new headband or one piece chicken from KFC.

2. I had a lung problem

My lungs would never be able to handle the smoking and puffing. I couldn’t even last under water for more than 7 seconds! So medically, while it wasn’t going to cost me my life, I couldn’t risk getting sick which would mean hospital bills or medicine which would be a problem for my family.

3. I didn’t want to develop an addiction

Many smokers would attest to how hard it is to quit smoking. They would try everything from candy to a nicotine patch to now, vaping. So as I would tell my friends who haven’t started: why get into something you’d want or have a hard time quitting on later? And believe me, I didn’t want to get into it knowing my nature of not being a quitter.

4. I wanted to maintain my good girl image

Admittedly, I wanted to project a good girl image- especially to boys. And I guess I successfully did that because most of them were in awe that I did not smoke- drank alcohol or did any illegal substance. The thing, though, is that while I was a popular kid, I wasn’t really invited to those hip parties where everyone let their hair down and did stuff you would later regret.

5. I didn’t want to tarnish my teeth

I’ve heard and seen people who developed such bad teeth from smoking- from getting yellow enamels to developing tartar- not to mention that awful smoker’s breath. I didn’t want to mess around with my already crooked teeth especially because I couldn’t afford expensive dental work that time.

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