Top Five Reasons to Replace Your Mobile Phone

Do you need to? Or do you just want to?

This question usually confronts us when we’re about to spend our hard-earned cash, especially when big purchases are concerned. This is no different when it comes to Mobile phones, specially because technology is always evolving- that we can hardly keep up. But when do you really need to buy a new phone- and replace the one you have? Well, here are my Top Five Reasons to Replace Your Mobile Phone:

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1.Battery is worn and its life is nearing its end

Some would say it’s not necessary to upgrade if the battery is running out of steam. While you can always argue that all you need is to replace the battery, then maybe you’re right. But if your phone is  still having some performance issues even if you have replaced the battery, it may mean that the processor has aged- and getting a new phone might be a good idea.

2. If the old one is damaged and repair costs so much

Just like a busted electric fan. Yes, you can get it repaired for a whole lot less.  But then you notice that you just keep on bringing it back to have it repaired- then you know that you should wave the white flag. After all, appliances- as well as Mobile phones cannot live forever, no matter how hard you try.

3. If you really need new features on new phones

Like I am not really a quick “phone changer” as long as my current phone is handy and usable. This was the time when everyone has left their Blackberrys- and I was still hell bent on keeping it with me. But, then again, as time passed, and everyone else was on a smart phone, i needed to be in one, too. Otherwise, communicating or being up to date or having easy access to information would be a challenge. So- I finally had to give in.

4. If the network in your area has upgraded to 4G or 5G and your phone does not support it

This is something you really have no control over- but something that leaves you no choice. Remember, getting a new phone would probably be cheaper and more practical than moving out to a place that will probably support your phone initially but will upgrade to a faster network eventually.


5. When a better phone releases- and you have the money

With so many phones competing against each other and for your attention, it’s natural for them to continue improving their design and technology to get ahead. So if you’re one that’s longing for a mega-long battery life, a much bigger screen or tons of storage, AND you have the budget, then go replace your phone.

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