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Five street food items I have not tried (and perhaps, will never)

Isaw has become more popular lately–because of the names Julia Barreto and Gerald Anderson… The thing is, believe it or not, and I’m not lying here–there really are some people who have not tried certain street food, like myself, not because I didn’t have a boyfriend who prodded me to do so, but because I really am not adventurous when it comes to eating innards or anything that does not involve the body of an animal.

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So here are the five street food I’ll never try (unless I am seriously obsessed with a guy who requests that I do).

1. Isaw

One of the most popular Filipino street foods is the isaw. It is pork or chicken intestines that are  barbecued or deep-fried. Don’t worry because the intestines aren’t simply put there, it’s cleaned first before grilling. But the thing is, the coil-like image of the intestines screams “yuck” to me. So that means-i have utmost respect to all those who buy these stuff and make it their daily merienda fare.

2. Betamax

The thing is, if I don’t eat dinuguan, why should I eat blood that has clotted? Betamax is the blood of pig or chicken that is coagulated and shaped into squares- much like the box-type video cassette tape called Betamax. Although it’s made with blood, betamax doesn’t have a foul smell or taste. Well, that’s what they say…

3. Balut

There’s no street food snack in the Philippines more famous than balut — a partially developed duck egg embryo. I think the farthest I’d go is to crack a small hole in the shell and sip or drink the soup. But no way I’d go near that embryo.

4. Helmet and adidas

I don’t eat chicken heads or “helmets” as they are better known. Though people swear by it’s flavor, plain and simple, I don’t eat heads, specially when it comes skewed with the neck. Then the adidas! Why eat feet that has nails in them- and has treaded soil with no shoes?

5. 1 day old chicken

One day old chickens are fried, however small and young they are. It is said that they are rejects from chicken farms. I have a thing about babies- humans or animals. I really can’t imagine devouring babies especially fried ones where I can see their heads and eyes no matter how hard I try.

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