Top five reasons why WFH doesn’t work

Working from home is now the new normal. Well at least, for some people whose companies are saving from overhead expenses caused by office rentals and utility bills… And of course, those who would rather be safe than sorry given the thousands of COVID-19 cases. But WFH is not really an ideal set up, if you ask me and my peers. If I am to be frank, WFH simply affects productivity. And here are my top five reasons why:

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1. Poor internet connectivity

Employees need a strong wi-fi connection to make things work- from doing research to attending virtual meetings- or something as basic as sending out emails. If everyone’s working from home, and you have other members attending online schooling, chances are, your speed also slows down.

2. Too many distractions

There you are, sitting with your laptop on, ready for your work duties, then suddenly, a sale alert from your favorite online shop comes in. So as not too miss out, you begin “adding to cart”. Or while at work, you hear your siblings fighting- and you know you just have to step in to serve as referee. These things easily make you lose focus from your job at hand

3. Office Work Vs. House Work

In a WFH set up (and this is especially true when you don’t have a private space in the house and have to work in a common area like the dining or the living room), you see all the clutter and hear all the noises that scream “HELP!’ (like barking dogs that need to be fed). Then you get torn which task is a priority. Of course your boss’ needs are important…. but how about your loved ones? Aren’t they important, too? this is a classic example of being torn- between a rock and a hard place.

4. Too Much Homey Atmosphere

With a bed and soft fluffy pillows…. There’s no need to say more.

5. Absence of Interaction

Some employees don’t work well alone. and they shouldn’t have to. One of the greatest things about being in an office set up is being in a place with people you can talk to, exchange ideas with, banter with not just about work stuff- but also personal stuff. And sometimes, you also need to get to the office to escape some things like good old family drama.

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