Top five reasons why agents leave their BPO jobs

I know of two people who quit their jobs recently as call center agents, with one being employed less than 2 months. I also know of another who is planning to quit his BPO job soon, saying the training was too rigid and the targets too impossible.

Whatever the reason, here are the top five reasons why agents leave their BPO jobs (and i’m not talking about lack of sleep and a hard time adjusting to working in the wee hours of the morning).

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1. Lack of career development

The seemingly lack of career opportunity makes it hard for agents to stay on the job. without a clear path laid for them on what they can hope for in times of job growth and security, they look for a job which gives them both.

2. Unhappy or threatening work environment

As most call center agents come in young, they tend to look for a working environment that gives them good vibes. Studies conducted showed that happiness can cause a 12% boost in productivity while unhappiness can decrease it by 10%. That’s why it’s important for call centers to provide a fun working environment that breaks all the dullness and monotony in their routine.

3. Harsh targets

Some call centers set harsh targets for their agents. It’s one thing to have a boss or trainor who doesn’t smile or act like he owns the place, but for him/her to constantly pound on the targets you need to attain day after day after day causes undue stress on the agent that he/she secretly hunts for a new job.

4. Mission mismatch

Sometimes, an agent feels helpless in addressing complaints lodged by customers. So while agents try to appease a disgruntled caller, according to the manual and the training they got, the rants they get is simply too overwhelming  that they get burnout. Plus, sometimes, an agent feels that the rants are actually founded that they also begin to question why they’re working for that company in the first place.

5. Better opportunities

Of course we’ve all heard of call center agents who are great at jumping ship and boarding another in a wink of an eye. When they do, it’s because they have been lured by better benefits, better pay or more flexibility by another call center company.

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